1 «Which the operating system is neede for the robot?»
To work with the robot you need Windows7.
2 «With which browser does the robot work?»
There should have been set Internet Explorer (version 10 or up) on your computer by default.
3 «Is it possible to roll-up windows of the robot and terminal?»
It is not possible to roll-up windows of the robot and terminal for the best work of the programm.
4 «Is it possible to run several terminals while the robot works on a computor?»
While the robot works, there should be only one terminal on your computor, that very terminal which was set in a program`s folder.
5 «Is it necessary to contribute money to broker`s account Alpari?»
No, it is not necessary to put money, it is enough to open demo-account.
6 «Which language should be selected in settings of binary.com account?»
The program works only with English, so enter your account on binary.com and select expedient language.
7 «How does the robot work?»
The robot reads a signal of indicator on mt4 platform and bets in your account for the work with binary options binary.com
8 «Which strategy should I select?»
You can test every strategy from 6 offered and choose an appropriate one.
9 «Which timeframe should I choose for work?»
Choose timeframe from m15 and higher.Please, notice, the higher timframe you chose, the more exactly the signal for entering is
10 «How long should I deal with demo-account before starting a real work?»
Recommended period of testing is 1 month minimum.
11 «How can I contact you to discuss details which I interested in?»
You are welcome to write all your questions om support@unclebot.


Internet Explorer 7 or higher

Compatible up to:

Windows 7


6.7 MiB


8,9 out of 10

More than