articleversion 1,55

0.55 is an opportunity to change a program`s language with the help of INI-file
— inculcation in the Iee10 program
— a new logic of a web-page identification
— improvements for changing alanguage of a program
— a timer for searching the window of safe` acceptance is turned on all the time;
there will appear a notice about its closing in a log.

— current design of a web-page » price of a bet rised» allows to reply only » bets were not offered».

articleversion 1,56

056 -forced delay of prsing html is added
after receiving a message » page has been loaded» (5 seconds)

articleversion 1,57

057 -completely has been renewed a logic of bet/control on a site of a broker.

articleversion 1,58

058 — algorithm of work with a site ( betting) has been renewed according to auto-updating frames.

article059 — such mistakes were removed:

After receiving a response » a bet is not allowed» the both strategies of » Martingale» and » Monte-Carlo» were forced to interrupt a row of bets and started from a minimum bet.

- status of an indicator » waiting for signal of ALPARI indicator» was triggered.
— ALPARI auto- appearing of a hidden ALPARI terminal.

articleversion 1,59a

059a-standart of log is enlarged from 250 to 1000 notes

articleversion 1,59b

059b- there has been prolonged peroid between pressing » buy a bet» and time of control the result ( double pump cuased a sort of inconvenience)

- debugging log-file of events is activated $$$.log

articleversion 1,60

060- desktop of the Alpari terminal has been reduced ( more probability of finding a new bet.
-indentification of the indicator`s loss enables to work with 2 indicators of one direction

-period of indicators` scanning has been extended up to 2 times in a second, the indicators which has been found appears straight in the window of terminal.

-the logic of the state display (waiting for a signal of the indicator Alpari) were simplified
+ there was a fault with working pause for win in the strategy of Monte-Carlo. Present status: corrected.
- report » bet is received» works only in the case of active bets` presence. Up to this correction serves of a brokes sometimes ran «empty» bets.
-while an attempt to avoid an error of the site a message informed about «zero bet»( win/loss o.o.USD )
-to defence two of bottons from random pressing purchase managing has been transferred into a separated category.

articleversion 1,61

061- automatic answer is added for windows » security alert» and » warning of safety system» — to the message $$$.txt » program start» is added the information about its version -double processing of a page is canselled where possible -there are new buttons on the site: INI- file was corrected + search of a page» internet error» was optimized.