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Uncle Bot is the program which has been invented specially for auto-trading with binary options on Forex market.

All that you see in here has been created by people and for people. Uncle Bot is the project which has being worked on the best programmers and experienced traders to achieve the maximum correlation between the indicator and the strategy, risk and profit.
We went through a long path of falls to get a unique formula of optimization the main point of which is a safe trading.

On this site you are able to load and set the robot which is adapted for Binary trading platform specified for binary options. This program does not invade into inner code of a broker and works separately. The program receives a signal from the indicator placed on the terminal mt4 and does bets according to the strategy has been chosen for it.
The strategies help to concrete within the work of both the indicator and deposit management and have flexible settings. There has been added the function of limiting the brokerage commission for placing bets in this program.

An algorithm of the robot contains a superpowerful indicator which is able to exeede 75% signals for entering.

There are several strategies to work with the indicator.
— for scalping (m1, m5)
— for work with a stable trend

There were added financial strategies for managing the capital in this program.

To work with the Martingale strategy risks were minimized.

— the average DrawDown by the Cautious Martingale strategy is 3 bets for m15
— the average DrawDown by the Adaptive Martingale strategy is 3 bets for m15
— the average DrawDown by the Monte-Carlo strategy is 5 bets for m1

There have been elaborated 2 financial strategies for work with simple bets in this program.

— both profit and lose fixing
— both profit limit and lose limit setting
— calculation of win/loss 1:3 or 1:2 correlation, you cover 3(2)chain losses.

* Highly accurate formulas allow to develop the automatic function to calculate a deposit.

* There was installed the » broker`s greediness constraining function» in the program.
You are able to set expedient % of a bet`s profit on your own and the robot will search for appropriate factors to bet.

— permissible advance payment to a broker is up to 60%
— permissible advance payment to a broker is up to 75%
— permissible advance payment to a broker is uo to 100% (unlimited)

Also the program includes enlarged analysis possibilities, such as:
— Balance analysis
— Strategy analysis
— DrawDown (DD) analysis
— Risk analysis
The program has been made for Windows7 operation system.

 lo30Note about settings for work with Windows7:

 it is allowed to cover opened  windows of the terminal and the robot by  other  windows for parallel work on a computer. It will not disturb the robot`s work.

Terminal. Installation and settings

There is information about how to set terminal mt4 for work with the robot.
Attention! Robot works only with terminal mt4 which is given in a set!

1. Before the Bot*s starts enter a folder *metatrader4*
and open supplement *Terminal* an the name of administrator

2. Next step is to open a demo-accountr (enter *Folder* and choose *Open an account*

3. The following window will appear. Then, give information for registration.

4. After Metatrader4 has been opened you should choose a currency pair.
Open File->New chart

Attention! After you have chosen the currency pair you should apply the template *Uncle_Bot* to it.
To do it press on the terminal with the right button and there will appear this windiw.

  • - There should be started only ONE terminal mt4 on your computer.
  • - Please note, that you needn`t register during next entries, you can enter under previous data.
  • - If you forgot it, register again.
  • - Note about Alpari terminal: autoscrolling should be switched on (!!!), chart`s displacement should be switched off (!!!). 
Start the robot.

1. Open folder with the robot and choose *Uncle Bot*
2. Place the robot*s window next to the terminal*s window.

Note about settings for account on Binary.com:
The robot works only with English language(!!!), therefore set you account according to this rule.
Enter you binary account on Binary.com

Choose My account-> Setting-> Preferred language- English

Note: if your account has been set in other language, the robot will not work.
Note: to do an account settings you needn*t use a window of the robot.
Enter your account through browser.

Account analysis.
1. Choose in folder Robot the file Statistic.exe
2. Start the program of statistics.
In this program you can analyze your account.
Let us explain the following functions of the Robot.

start robot

1. A button opens and closes a working window of account.

2. Desktop for entering account.

3. The Alpari terminal control: if there is no tick – the robot can`t receive a signal from an indicator. During your work you can switch off a terminal tracking for defining currency pairs and timeframes. After have been chosen the appropriate ones you may turn them on again.

4. Working time. If there is no tick – the robot will be working till you switch it manually off.

5. Note about rest residue on a deposit. Reaching rest residue on a deposit creates ability which doesn`t allow any next bets.

6. A diagram of a broker`s site condition.

7.Information about currency pair and timeframe comes from the Alpari terminal which is placed next to the robot`s window on your desktop. Turn on the Alpari terminal control.(see p.3)

8. To start the robot, enter the Binary.com platform.

9. Pause inquiry after the result of a bet. This pause you can request either during working bet or if there are no bets have been opened. Also you can use it if you want to transfer your minus for a next bet after the Martingale strategy. The robot will memorize this information and open double bet during next start of a program.

10. Pause inquiry after winning bet. This pause you can request if you want to leave the robot without supervision and also if you do not want to make a risk much. After the first winning the pause will activate itself.

11. History of events and messages.

We have added “ the broker`s greediness reducing “ function to our renewed version.


You will be able to make desired % of profit by yourself and the robot will search appropriate standards of a bet.

— permissible pledge for a broker to 60%
— permissible pledge for a broker to 75%
— permissible pledge for a broker to 100%(unlimited)



1. A simple Bet

simple bet

In this strategy you can choose a size of a bet and amount of bets for an indicator. When signal for entering appears (it is defined by pointers up/down), the robot starts opening bets. For instance:

simple bet2

The robot reads timeframe and currency pair which are both opened on your terminal. There is USD/JPY m30 in this example.

Amount of bets on an indicator-3

The robot opens the first bet when a signal of an indicator appears (in this case rise) for 30 minutes. (Every bet will be opened for 15 minutes if terminal is opened on m15; if there is m5- a bet will be opened for 5 minutes) As it is written down in a picture, the second bet opens after the first one, then, the third bet opens.

After the row of bets ended, the robot waits for a signal of an indicator for the way back.

Also you can choose “ continue for the first win”.

Recommended amount of bets for an indicator-3

Recommended timeframe- from m15

2. A strategy of Martingale


 This is more tough type of a strategy and it is recommended only for testing.

In this strategy is used Martingale. See how to put amount of bets for an indicator on a picture-1

Thus, after a signal of an indicator the robot opens bets until it wins twice.

Next step is to count a deposit.

Length of a row of bets is 5. The number depends on how many times the robot can make it double.

Starting sum of a bet is 3$

According to this information necessary deposit should be 252$

3. Cautious Martingale


The main point of a strategy is:

After a signal of an indicator appeared, the robot opens that amount of bets in a row, which is defined in settings (picture 3), also it is recommended amount of bets for an indicator in this strategy). In case of loss, next bet becomes double after the theory of Martingale.

After a row of bets ended (in this case 3 of them), the robot turns into mode of waiting for a signal of an indicator a way back. If the last bet was loss, the robot opens the doubled bet after a signal of an indicator appeared.

Next step is to count a necessary deposit:

A maximum row of bets is 7 (this is that number which allows to double a bet).

Sum for starting bet is 3$

Necessary deposit is 586$.

Recommended length of bets- 7-10

Recommended timeframe- from m15

4. Adaptive Martingale


A principle of Adaptive Martingale is the same as Cautious Martingale.

The difference is in following points:

- only on Adaptive Martingale amount of bets have been installed already

— if the third bet won on Adaptive Martingale, the robot opens next bets till the first win comes. After that it turns into the mode of waiting a signal of an indicator a way back. In case when the third bet is loss, the robot waits a signal from an indicator a way back and after receiving it makes a doubled bet.

Recommended amount of bets 7-10

Recommended timeframe- from m30

5. Monte-Carlo


This strategy is more of a tough type and is considered for scalping.

The strategy algorithm:

when an indicator appears, the robot opens that amount of bets, which is pointed in “amount of bets on an indicator” (recommended 3).

In case of loss the robot turns its way back.

For instance: Indicator –PUT- result- LOSS

Not depending on an indicator`s signal, next bet will be done on Call. There is the principle of Martingale in this case.

Next step is to count a deposit.

Necessary deposit consists of the following points: 8 bets are allowed (amount of loss bets in a row) and start bet 3$. So, necessary deposit is 1353$.

Recommended timeframe is m5, m30

6. Balanced


This is a new strategy of simple bets.

The strategy is considered for profit and loss fixing.

You do the next settings:

Win limit- how much you want to win

Loss limit –how much you are ready to loose

Here you can use a system of moneymanagement in this strategy, counting correlation between win/loss 1:3 or 1:2, where one win group of bets covers 3 (2) loss bets.

See a previous picture.

Current threshold is counted without assistance.

It is = deposit — permissible magnitude of loss.


Take correlation 1:3

Price of a bet = 10

Win limit + 150

Loss limit -50

Current threshold is current deposit MINUS permissible magnitude of loss.

1000(current deposit)-50=950


Current threshold shifts on 960


Current threshold shifts on 970

Thus, fixing of profit has resemblance to trailing-stop.


Threshold only increases. You can`t lose more than sum which is written down in “loss limit”.

In case of several losses in a row current threshold will lift to avoid losing all gained money. But anyway the robot has power to risk with that sum which is pointed in settings.

In case of several losses in a row and reaching the threshold the game will be stopped.

P. S. In case of loss there has been added opportunity to turn a bet to another direction after the Monte-Carlo strategy.

Account analysis. Choose in folder Robot the file Statistic.exe

Start the program of statistics. In this program you can analyze your account

screen history



articleversion 1,55

0.55 is an opportunity to change a program`s language with the help of INI-file
— inculcation in the Iee10 program
— a new logic of a web-page identification
— improvements for changing alanguage of a program
— a timer for searching the window of safe` acceptance is turned on all the time;
there will appear a notice about its closing in a log.

— current design of a web-page » price of a bet rised» allows to reply only » bets were not offered».

articleversion 1,56

056 -forced delay of prsing html is added
after receiving a message » page has been loaded» (5 seconds)

articleversion 1,57

057 -completely has been renewed a logic of bet/control on a site of a broker.

articleversion 1,58

058 — algorithm of work with a site ( betting) has been renewed according to auto-updating frames.

article059 — such mistakes were removed:

After receiving a response » a bet is not allowed» the both strategies of » Martingale» and » Monte-Carlo» were forced to interrupt a row of bets and started from a minimum bet.

- status of an indicator » waiting for signal of ALPARI indicator» was triggered.
— ALPARI auto- appearing of a hidden ALPARI terminal.

articleversion 1,59a

059a-standart of log is enlarged from 250 to 1000 notes

articleversion 1,59b

059b- there has been prolonged peroid between pressing » buy a bet» and time of control the result ( double pump cuased a sort of inconvenience)

- debugging log-file of events is activated $$$.log

articleversion 1,60

060- desktop of the Alpari terminal has been reduced ( more probability of finding a new bet.
-indentification of the indicator`s loss enables to work with 2 indicators of one direction

-period of indicators` scanning has been extended up to 2 times in a second, the indicators which has been found appears straight in the window of terminal.

-the logic of the state display (waiting for a signal of the indicator Alpari) were simplified
+ there was a fault with working pause for win in the strategy of Monte-Carlo. Present status: corrected.
- report » bet is received» works only in the case of active bets` presence. Up to this correction serves of a brokes sometimes ran «empty» bets.
-while an attempt to avoid an error of the site a message informed about «zero bet»( win/loss o.o.USD )
-to defence two of bottons from random pressing purchase managing has been transferred into a separated category.

articleversion 1,61

061- automatic answer is added for windows » security alert» and » warning of safety system» — to the message $$$.txt » program start» is added the information about its version -double processing of a page is canselled where possible -there are new buttons on the site: INI- file was corrected + search of a page» internet error» was optimized.

«Which the operating system is neede for the robot?»
-To work with the robot you need Windows7.

«With which browser does the robot work?»
-There should have been set Internet Explorer (version 10 or up) on your computer by default.

«Is it possible to roll-up windows of the robot and terminal?»
-It is not possible to roll-up windows of the robot and terminal for the best work of the programm.

«Is it possible to continue working with both computer and the robot simultaneously?»
-Yes, you can cover windows of the robot and terminal by other windows of computer.

«Is it possible to run several terminals while the robot works on a computor?»
-While the robot works, there should be only one terminal on your computor, that very terminal which was set in a program`s folder.

«Is it necessary to contribute money to broker`s account Alpari?»
-No, it is not necessary to put money, it is enough to open demo-account.

«Which language should be selected in settings of binary.com account?»
-The program works only with English, so enter your account on binary.com and select expedient language.

«How does the robot work?»
-The robot reads a signal of indicator on mt4 platform and bets in your account for the work with binary options binary.com

«Which strategy should I select?»
- You can test every strategy from 6 offered and choose an appropriate one.

«Which timeframe should I choose for work?»
-Choose timeframe from m15 and higher.Please, notice, the higher timframe you chose, the more exactly the signal for entering is

«How long should I deal with demo-account before starting a real work?»
-Recommended period of testing is 1 month minimum.

«How can I contact you to discuss details which I interested in?»
-You are welcome to write all your questions om support@unclebot.
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    Compatible up to: Windows 7
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